Our Story

What’s a celebration without desserts and balloons? As an avid event planner and host, I realized that one of the biggest challenges in participating in a celebration is finding the time to pick-up and organize all of the little elements that go into the party. The reality is, we’re all busy. Time is not always on our side, not to mention the creative planning and process that you have to spend time on to create a theme and ensure you follow through on it.

Sweet Accents is like no other party shop. We’ve combined two of the most important components of any celebration, under one roof. I brought these services together to allow for a seamless one-stop-shop for individuals who are always on the go, who don’t have time running around from one shop to another. Not only does shopping at our one-stop-shop free up some time in your busy schedule, we ensure that all of your pieces are hand crafted and designed with your theme in mind.

Our work has been part of many celebrations and life events, we love how much joy our customized desserts and balloons bring to people’s lives. When you choose us for your celebration needs, we provide you with a complimentary one-on-one consultation to help you plan a stress-free celebration. We love hearing your stories and helping you select the perfect design for your special occasion.